Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ok so my family is on a more waste less....reuse,recycle,upcycle whatever it takes to get the job done. This has been a crazy journey but fun!! Ok so about my tampons. I totally get the idea of the mama cloth. I just dont like pads...I am a tampon user always have been. I only use pads as a last resort and after having babies. I knew there had to be other mamas who were tampon die hard fans. I googled it and found the diva cup just seems to me that all of woman kind could use that thing and all get it on the first try.I would be the one in millions to screw it up! So then I found something that said use baby socks..."buy a pack of %100 cotton white baby socks roll one up and stick it in...use 2 if you need it. That was just to much crunch even for me. That is saying alot cuz I am sooo getting into being a crunchy kinda girl. I have made my own laundry soap and replaced anything sposie I could think of. Still use toilet paper hunny refuses to be that crunchy...guess he is just a little lumpy. So the baby socks were a bit extreme for me so I made a tampon. Just wanted to see if I could do it...I could here it is.....whatcha think?

.DSC00528.jpg picture by fairyz_n_fireflyzDSC00535.jpg picture by fairyz_n_fireflyz
DSC00533.jpg picture by fairyz_n_fireflyzDSC00534.jpg picture by fairyz_n_fireflyz

I am looking for testers to try these out. I heard another chick made some tampons that she knit....I wouldnt even begin to know how to do that. Keep in mind this was just a proto type. This is one of the moments I warned about when reading my blog...the ooooohs and ahhhhhhs.....or lord shes crazy moments...How crappy is it that today I get the bright Idea to create tampons on the last day of my first post partum period...took 3 months to get it this time and its never regular so who knows how long till I can test this myself!.......Ok there goes my creativeness for one day....if I can just convince him to "try" wipes instead of toilet paper!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Recycle Blankeys and Stuff

Ok so I do this at my house and thought I would help others with it as well. I rarely use recieving blankets and they always just seem to be taking up space. So I recycled them, thy make such cute dipes! I know there are mamas out there who have these things all over the place and say you used them for swaddle purposes when baby came home but now you dont swaddle they dont really get used. If you recycle them they have new purpose and you get so much use for them.....and its so so easy on your pocket. So this is where I come in.....If your interested in this but you yourself dont sew....or simply dont have the time to sew....whatever the case is. You can send me your blankets, old t-shirts, sweat shirts, or anything else you want to transform and I will send them back as dipes. My charge for these will be $6 each plus shipping. Email me for more info if interested

How Cool is That!

I so did not realize people actually read this! How cool and thank you very much. Now hmmm what do I have to say today....Ok! first off I want to let you know that in a way I guess I got a little more info out there about my diapers in the cloth diaper world. I have traded with a few mamas on baby center to show my product and let people check them out. I was in need of bigger diaper covers for my lil one so traded some of my Little Monkey Britches. Traded for a few other items as well. I really hope these mamas enjoy LMB and tell other people about them. I just got into making a new style of diaper (new to me at least). My other half calls it a pocket diaper. I came up with it as a even daddy can use prefolds kinda thing..............HaHaHa.....oooohhhh I gotta tell you why I came up with this new style. Warning to you now ......I will probally jump back and forth telling this so hope I don't confuse you to much. Ok here goes.......My lovely little chunky baby had a growth spurt,therefore I am currently in the process of sewing her a new stash of my one size fits most dipes. So it seems she was peeing like crazy that day and it ended up I put her in a prefold. I did the tri fold lay in the cover method.......I never do this EVER...Who knows what prompted me to do it this time. So me and daddy have been in a heated debate over his lack of participation and he decided that since ignoring me didn't work he would pitch in so I would shut up. Smart daddy! So up until this day the man had never changed a cloth dipe and replaced with cloth. The two times he changed her he would take cloth off and replace with a sposie. So this day he decided to help out, he was doing alright a little confused on getting the snaps the same setting on both side.But at least he was trying . And that was enough for me. So anyhow he changed oh I guess about 3 diapers, feelin pretty cocky with himself. He didn't see that I had used a prefold. She was fussy and he picked her up to comfort her. Somehow her cover had came un done and the aplix was scratching her tummy. So daddy picks her up......cover is dangeling from her foot.....soggy prefold lands on his feet as it hits the floor......daddy is holding her out at arms length like she had just grew a second head.....I guess he panicked and runs to the sposies to put one on her. He looked at me after his crazy little episode and says......"I dont know those" which I of course bust out laughing. So my new creation was made just for daddy so now he knows those. I dont have pictures yet but lets see if I can give you a visual.........think of having a fitted diaper in front of you with no absorbant layers in the middle. Now think of what it would look like if it had a maxi pad layed in it to absorb.....ok no I am not crazy.....I think....I didnt use maxi pads in my dipe. I cut out the shape of a maxi pad from the liner layer of the dipe.So basically I have a empty dipe with an oval shaped hole down the middle inside. This holds a prefold great!!! and its even daddy proof. Daddy was he knows those. He has asked me to make more for him to use. These for the most part I will make as a hybrid.....fitted/soaker/prefold. This has some really great qualities I enjoy. Such as the ease of a fitted.....without having to use a cover......and faster drying time since the prefold can be removed to move around freely in the dryer. If anyone is interested in trying out "Daddy Pockets" please contact me via email This is also how you can order any of my items.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Starting a co op

I am a member of a few co op groups. I love the groups however I don't like that I can only find bits and peices of the things I am interested in. So I started my own.The things I plan to purchase in my co op are the following ....... PUL fabric ... all the co ops I joined say they offer this yet I havent seen it ...... FOE and other elastics ... what I have found of this was minimal ..... Zorb ... really interested in trying this out ...... Hook and Loop ... for those who prefur it ..... Snaps ... my personal preference ..... and fabrics of what myself and anyone in the group happens to be in search of. So please if your interested in getting discount prices on any of these items please join my co op. There have to be members to get the discounts more members means higher discount. Here is the link

How I got started

Hi there! I'm starting this blog to share my love of sewing and cloth diapering.More than likely there will be random things thrown in here and there.I swear some days I'm so ADD......So be prepared to oooh and ahhh, or think my goodness she's crazy! Ok, so about me. I have 5 absolutely crazy however incredible kids. My oldest is very soon to be 15. Yikes!! what happened to my lil man he's growing up fast. Next in line are 11, soon to be 9, then 4, finally 2 months. I have always loved to make things.Started sewing about 4 1/2 years ago. One day I stumbled across cloth diapers on the net and thought...WOW!! these are great.Originally the plan was to have some "just in case" , For times like oh no! almost out of diapers and strapped for cash. Or say baby gets upset tummy and runs through diapers in the middle of night.I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. Silly me! with my love of sewing and thinking hey I can make that and not have to wait for shipping and have custom too...So let's just say, It became an addiction. My just in case stash of diapers became an addiction. Now instead of just in case its cloth full time. I decided to make a business out of it. I dearly love my children and I have missed so much it seems like I get lost in life sometimes. Then I wake up and wow my baby is 15 years old and the rest fast behind him. So now this is something we do together,yes even the boys. As a family we crank up the radio,pull out the sewing machine and get started. My two oldest who are the boys will trace and cut out patterns. I do the all the actual peicing and sewing. My girls keep the baby occupied and we all have a blast...laughing, joking,goofin off and just making memories. I always called my children monkeys when they were babys and now and then I think they are growin so fast and sometimes get a little to big for their britches...then taaaadaaa Little Monkey Britches was born. I also make bedding sets, shopping cart covers and lots of other items. Hope you enjoy my blog and follow along. Talk to you soon,Thanks for stopping by